Our premium porcelain has the composition of Kaolin, Ball clay, Feldspar, Silica, we have created our own glaze formula and use pure raw materials with finest quatlity. Being fired at 1250 degree celcius, this temparature range makes the products durable for serving all functional usage with 0% water absorption. Besides, our products are specially designed to maximize strength, reduce cracking and chipping.

Design & Function

Our products are designed with multi-functional concept aiming to be a smart solution for all different purposes. For example, various creative stackable items suite the idea of storage and facilities space saving.

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

The products are safe to use with industrial dishwashing machine. The glaze and decoration do not stain or loss their brilliance or color. With dishwashing machine, it can be in excess of 1000 cycles. Our products are also guaranteed to be completely microwave safe.

Thermal Shock & Crazing Resistance

Our products are tested at the extreme temperature condition. The products can resits the sudden change from freezer to microwave.

Lead & Cadmium Free

Our products are tested and passed the lead & cadmium free under standard test FDA, California Proposition 65 and EU directive 84/500 EEC. Our product is safe and hygenic to be used as food container.

Cut & Scratch Resistance

The hardiness of our glaze prevents any cut & scratch remaining on the surface. We pay special attention to polish and form the foot of our tableware in order to guarantee smooth foot to reduce the risk of abrasion and scratching during stacking.

Pearl, Glassy and Desert Editions

Color Glaze and Matte Glaze finishes on product will tend to show ware and tear to a greater degree. Please use the product with special care to extend its life cycle and to preserve its appearance.